All of our luxury leather luggage is handmade here in England, each Croots’ item is unique. Which, in a world of mass production, is something we’re extremely proud of.

When we make our shotgun slips, cartridge belts and bags, we’ve learnt that the choice of materials is crucial. Time and experience have taught us, for example, that insisting on hand-picking our own hides is a vital step in the process. And that only natural, vegetable-dyed leather will give us our required combination of suppleness and performance.

We’ve learnt too that our preferred grade of stout and sturdy cotton canvas cannot be bettered. And that pure, natural rubber is the best water-proofing agent by far.

But all of this would mean nothing without the skills to transform these first-class beginnings into the finest of finished articles. And those skills are held in abundance by the dedicated craftsmen in our Yorkshire workshops. By hand, by eye, by the experience gained over long years of apprenticeship and hard work, they produce perfectly made, perfectly proportioned pieces, time and time again.